The Purple Cactus: Boston: Jamaica Plain

FA Rating: f+
Price: $

I've only been to The Purple Cactus twice because it's not the foodiest of restaurants, but that being said, it's great little joint. You can get a huge pile of nachos or a whopper of a burrito or quesadillas, etc. The food is tasty, and the prices are good. It's a nice little non-Chipotle/Qdoba part of the JP food situation.

Chicken Nachos - small $5.25 - with crisp blue & yellow corn chips & shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Served with salsa fresca.

The only thing is that I would recommend only eating the nachos there instead of to-go because then you can eat at least some of that cheese while it's still hot and totally melted.

The salsa fresca and he guacamole were pretty good! Much better than I expected! They actually tasted fresh! I think they make them on site!

The Santa Fe Chicken Salad - $6.95 - From my first trip to Boston! So cute! I was still using my HTC Ozone phone's shitty camera back then.

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