Original Rum Bar & Grill: Charlotte: Charlotte Airport/CLT

On my layover between Boston and Dallas, I needed a fast dinner at the Charlotte Airport.

Coconut Mango Chicken Salad: "Crispy Chicken, glazed with Bacardi Select Rum BBQ sauce and toasted coconut, tossed with mixed greens, diced red onion, carrots and diced mango. Served with tropical fruit vinaigrette and a slice of grilled Cuban bread. $10.99"

I would have accepted the "mixed greens" had they just been some romaine and iceberg, but instead there's actually abundant arugula, romaine, maybe some oak leaf and more varieties I don't really need to keep straight, as well as some pieces of celery. Not bad. The mango even seemed to be fresh! The vinaigrette was nice and tossed in the right amount throughout my salad. I would've preferred a bit less fry (or even none, had the option presented itself on the menu. Though in all likelihood I could've ordered it grilled had I bothered to try).

Maybe I shouldn't expect less for $11.90 (after tax, before tip) at an airport, but I guess I do. This was a downright decent airport dine.

Original Rum Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

Because there apparently isn't an online menu for for this restaurant, I'll share the two snippets I took from it:

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