Best Cafe for Working in Central Square: Mariposa Bakery

It can get a little hot in the summer, but my iced americano helped. The guy who helped me was really nice.

The pastries all looked amazing. Had it been 20 or 30 degrees cooler, I would've loved to have true the creamy celery with Gouda soup (veggie), though the chilled carrot and coconut (vegan) might've been good too.

They take breakfast orders till 12, and they have a nice collection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches (plus a few salads) that all feature sauces, aiolis and and/or sales that are homemade. Breakfast sandwiches come on bagels or toast, and the lunch sandwiches come on your choice of Italian white, oatmeal wheat, seeded wheat, pretzel roll or potato roll (all also homemade). Also a breakfast pizza and some homemade granola, and the full range of coffee an tea drinks.

Americano rating: 7.5/10

They have a bunch of nice tables (outside too in the summer) where you can park your laptop and write a book or whatever it is you do. The food, on the other hand, is hit or miss. Thus, this guide:

Homemade veggie burger (not vegan) with aioli, gouda, tomato and greens for $7.75 - Just over half an inch of puréed black beans with some whole blacks beans - I tasted cumin, saw a few shreds of carrot, maybe green onions. I didn't really like it, but, probably I'm not the audience for it. I liked the look of the pastries and the menu, I felt fond of this place in a way that made me want to keep coming back and trying more foods, most of which I was certain would be delicious.

The pretzel roll was so good- soft and dense and salty.
Coconut blackberry bread pudding - $2.75 - I need to remember that I don't like shredded coconut, for one thing, but I also don't really care for bread pudding that much, (except for when they use croissants). It's just that it looked so big and inviting. But it's just too mushy gooey. Oh well, I could cross that one off the list and move on to the other stuff, which I was sure I'd love...

Arugula salad: $6.75 - carrots, cucumbers, queso blanco, pepitas, sprouts, and cilantro lime vinaigrette - (can add chicken for $2) - The mild cheese got overpowered by the sourness of the vinaigrette, but it was good otherwise.
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie - $2.25 - hard. Kind of generic actually. Skip the cookies.

Sunrise breakfast sandwich on a poppy seed bagel - $7 - egg, turkey bacon, arugula, tomato and pesto aioli. Your choice of bagels or toast. Th bagels aren't too thick, which is good for when you're trying to start your day reasonably. On the other hand, the lightly toasted bagel was a little harder than I'd like it to be, without being soft on the inside, you know, cuz I've been spoiled by NYC bagels, so I should probably go back to never getting bagels anywhere else.

Orange poppy seed cookie - $2.25 - heavy, pretty dense and soft, nice sweet glaze with orange peel. Good but not great.

Cinnamon roll - $2.75 - The outside was actually a little hard, the inside not very flavorful. It was almost like eating a muffin with a swatch of cinnamon frosting on it.

Broccoli cheese and basil frittata - $3- It would've been nice to have it heated but it was good. Lots of broccoli. Really healthful.

Turkey sausage, egg, cheese, sundries tomato aioli pesto, on choice of toasts (seeded, honey wheat, oatmeal something) - $7 - You know, the turkey sausage and nicely melted cheese were nice, but the crusts were scrape-the-roof-of-your-mouth hard, I don't like sundries tomatoes that much (overpowering of the other flavors here), and I would prefer my eggs cooked over easy instead of hard (I wonder if I could request that).

I guess I haven't decided, despite about ten trips, whether I like this place. No, I like the place, but as far as the food goes, I still haven't found anything that was great.

They have LevelUp. Also important to me, they have two clean and spacious single occupant restrooms.

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