Best Scone in Boston - Blue Frog Bakery, JP

I run from my apartment to the pond, around it and back three or four times a week, and every time I do, I pass Blue Frog Bakery both ways. The sweet smell of dough entrances me for a few wonderful seconds each time. After reading this review on Blue Frog's LevelUp profile page (and of course being happy that I could use LevelUp to pay and get $1 credit off my purchase), I finally made my way there in the morning.

 Dark Chocolate Almond Croissant Bread Pudding

Oh it was so sweet and really decadent but in a good way. The only thing is that getting it fresh out of the oven or at least taking it somewhere where you could warm it up would've made it so many times better that it was distracting for my poor foodie brain to be thinking about how could this puddin' could'a been. AKA, I'll be back.

Cranberry Orange Muffin

My date was the kind of person who orders something reasonable in the morning when she's having breakfast at all, so she got this. We are no longer dating. It was a good muffin though. I'm not the biggest tart fan, but they did a really nice job of making this plenty sweet and harmonizing those flavors. It was also not too heavy or too light.


I went back. I wasn't there early enough for a fresh DCACBP, but I'm so glad, because I came across this:

Almond Ginger Hazelnut Scone - $1.74 - I took it home to heat it up (and, very sadly, accidentally burned the bottom). It was so dense yet fluffy and buttery and flavorful and painfully good and different. Ordering it, I anticipated a filling, but no, it's got almond and hazelnut pieces in there, though all or some of the ginger seems to have been incorporated into the dough. This is a pastry I want to have again, to meditate on its wonders. I was bowled over.

Dark Chocolate Cookie - Great, but not Canto 6 (down the street) great.

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