Best Chinatown Sharing: Penang

For a month or two I was hanging out with this businessman and his business friends. Did he know I was a lesbian when he took me out to dinner several times? Apparently not. To his credit, since telling him, we've remained friends. After some Boston networking party he took me to, we went with his friends out to Penang for an Asian tapas style dining situation.

Coconut Crispy Jumbo Prawns - $23.95

I love businessmen sometimes. These were as delicious as they sound and cost. Cilantro, fry shreds, and huge coconut-battered prawns. They were so good.

Homemade Roti Canai - $4.50 - Comes with curried chicken dipping sauce

Both the roti and the chicken curry were delicious. The curry was rich, and the roti was oily as fuck (in a good way (for your mouth if not your heart)).
Penang Pad Thai - $8.95 - with shrimp, tofu, basil leaves, bean sprouts and ground peanuts

I loved having all the bean sprouts and not too many noodles. Especially when sharing it, it meant I could make my portion into a lowish carb affair.
Seafood soup with bean curd - $6.95

This twenty-three-year-old intern guy who came with us ordered this boring soup, presumably not realizing that we were all going to sharing everything and that one of these guys was going to pick up the bill.
Seaweed and/or some kind of shoots in a sauteed salad. 

I don't know. Something with eggplant, onions and scallions. It tasted great. 

Fuck if I know. I wasn't going to push how annoyingly inquisitive I was at this kind of dining occasion. 

Everything at this place was delicious, it's a quite large space, the bathrooms were nice, and the menu is full of stuff I want to try*.  Mmm... my fingers still smelled of fish sauce the morning after.

Penang on Urbanspoon

*Just a few examples:

-Fish head soup with rice noodles - $7.50 - "Deep fried fish heads served with carnation milk broth" - You're really not curious about this?!

-Bak Kut Teh - $11.95 or $15.95 for medium or large - "Chinese herb with pig feet, stomach, rib and fatty pork" - Who's with me?

-Nasi Lemak - $7.95 - "Coconut rice flavored with cloves and screwpine leaves. Served with chili anchovy curry chicken and hard boiled eggs." - Okay this just sounds delicious. I'm going back here asap.

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