Salsarita's Fresh Cantina: Charlotte, NC: Charlotte Douglass International Airport

Routed once again through the Charlotte airport, I followed my rule for eating close to whichever gate I wind up flying out of each time. Thus I chose Salsaritas Fresh Cantina (over a Starbucks, a Burger King, and some froyo/smoothie place).

You have to be prepared to face the apathetic robot ladies slopping your food out to you. When mine asked, "What kinda salsa you want hot medium or mild?" I asked for the fresh salsa and the not bad looking hot.

When she asked, "Anything else?" she made it sound like wanting any topping beyond the chicken, lettuce and black beans would be quite the unwelcome nuisance, so I limited myself to requesting only jalapeños, cilantro, black bean and corn salsa, and cheese, though I would've also liked diced tomatoes, diced onions, and some guacamole, which might or might not have cost extra. It seemed like the cashier didn't really care about charging for extras).

What I should have said was, "Yes, could I please have everything but the black olives and sour cream?"

When she asked if I wanted my chicken salad in a bowl or taco shell, I should've gotten a bowl, in which case I probably would've received much more lettuce instead of the bland, worthless calories of a taco shell you always get at these fast food taco places/public school cafeterias.   Whatever, I was hungry and I've had worse. The jalapeños, salsa and cilantro were well-received by my mouth.

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