Best Brunch in NSB: Spanish River Grill

Krispy Kreme & Bacon Bread Pudding

Hungover from my sister's wedding, a group of eight of us headed out to Sunday morning brunch at the Spanish River Grill. We arrived a little before 11 and it took just shy of an hour between ordering and receiving our food, so be warned. Brunch should never be a hurried affair, but we should've ordered appetizers.

Guava Mimosa - $1 single or $2 double (orange and mango also available)

Bloody Mary - $2

For $5 or $6 you can get a Mimosa or Mary pitcher. If you're anything like our alcoholish friend who ordered his hairs of the dog, you're probably better off ordering the pitcher since you'll get four servings for the price of three, and you're going to order two singles anyway, so just share that pitcher with a more reasonable couple of friends who only want a little cocktail for the brunchy cuteness of it.

Spanish Scramble Three local organic eggs, chorizo, potatoes & spinach, spicy melon salad

Spicy Melon Salad - I was hoping for something more interesting with the spicy melon salad, but this dish of honeydew and melon cubes in a cayenne syrup was good, just a little small and uninspired. 

Crab & Avocado Benedict 100% Blue crab, fresh avocado salsa, house made hollandaise, fried potatoes

My only complaint is that I wanted to eat 100% more of this scrumptious dish.

Krispy Kreme & Bacon Bread Pudding Served warm, poached local organic egg, fried potatoes & maple syrup - $9

The side of fried potatoes

Foodie Problem #1: When the most interesting foodie dish is something that you know you don't actually want to order (too expensive, too unhealthful to start your day with, allergies/intolerances) and thus have to try to make sure that someone else who is into food sharing orders it so that you can try a bite.

Fortunately, the orderer of this dish at our table was a food sharer, and it was great. If you're ordering something called "Krispy Kreme bacon bread pudding" though, you're probably hoping for a bigger, indulgence-sized breakfast, but it was delicious and the egg perfectly poached, with nice bacon slices and then there's a rich side of potatoes with peppers and onions and actually, fuck, for just nine bucks, that's a great amount of food.

Breakfast Flatbread Scrambled local organic eggs, ham, peppers, arugula & parmesan

Frittata: Sweet plantains, crispy bacon & Manchego Cheese, spicy melon salad

They overcharged me for gratuity when they split our checks up, but whatever.

The dishes are all reasonable portions instead of your typical American buckets of food. So if you're hungover and famished, go ahead and order an app or two. You'll polish it all off easily while you wait for your food, and then get that food coma you need to finish off your drunken pleasure cycle.

They also serve lunch, dinner and a chef's table dinner.

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