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Best Friday Harbor Lunch: Cask and Schooner Public House and Restaurant

The Puget Sound Express whale watching tour brought my sister, her partner and me to Friday Harbor for a lunch break. Looking around we decided that Cask and Schooner seemed to be the best dining option, at least of the places that were already open at 11:30 AM.

Only four?! There were three of us! Good thing Cami is such a peacemaker she's just going to automatically say, "Oh you two split the other one, I'm good," in a situation like this. That's why we love 'er.

They were the perfect combination that this dish should be: smokey, savory, sweet, and a little tangy.

We had seen this salad pass us by to someone at another table, and it looked so big and delicious that Cami had to get it.

It was indeed a good choice. The mix of greens was so fresh and delightful. It could totally be psychological I realize, but I always find yellow beets to be extra flavorful. Every bite of this salad was bursting flavor-wise, of course. Now just imagine it with bacon in it...

My Favorite Coffee Shop: Coffee Exchange

Coffee Exchange in Providence (East Side) is my favorite coffee shop in the world so far!

One mark of a truly excellent coffee shop is the availability of The Onion and The Wall Street Journal.

And you have to sell an interesting and lip-smacking assortment of baked goods:
Caraway and I had a love affair a while back, and she's one of those lovers I'm hardly ever able to resist any time I run into her. They toasted it for me and it was perfect. It was so dense and moist and wonderful.

Now the next time I go I want to try their special coffee maker that allows you to try one fresh cup of their 43 or so coffees.

Boom Noodle: Seattle: Multiple Locations

Wanting something fairly healthful for lunch, my friend Katie and I stopped at Boom Noodle in Capitol Hill. I dunno how this connection works, but this three location restaurant is a lot like this international Asian chain called Wagamama. Except I like Boom Noodle's menu a lot better.

This was actually a lot like Trader Joe's edamame hummus. Though I love that, I was hoping for more flavor from that eggplant and yuzu pepper.

It was so big! The sesame vinaigrette was magical! Who doesn't want a huge pile of well dressed vegetables?
Yes yes yes! If you read that list of ingredients and your mouth isn't watering, I doubt we could be friends.

When we were leaving, I noticed that all the other tables had signs on them announcing a lunch special for $8.95 that consisted of a Boom Banh Mi with small Coconut Curry Chicken soup, that weren't on the menu otherwise. I can hardly think of a better lunch combo idea.

FA Rating: FF

Haruki East: Providence: East Side

FA Rating: F

The menu at Haruki East was really appealing, so on a trip to Providence I made my way to try it.

This was as good as it sounds. It actually tasted very chicken noodle soup-y too somehow. It was the soup du jour, so if you go and it happens to be  on the menu, make sure to order it!

For one thing, I thought it was lame that there were only three of them. The peppers were sadly without any heat whatsoever. The filling was great, but all that sweet crab and eel sauce could've really used some balance from jalepeno heat. This was another daily special, but I'd skip it if you see this one.

I loved the abundance of cilantro, and these jalapenos (thank god) were actually fairly hot. Unfortunately the yellow tail and rice quality were clearly not high. You know how you can taste immediately whether you're at a good sushi restaurant or a blah one? This was the latter.

I did enjoy these prices, but the flavor matched. Just skip this place for sushi. That soup was great…

Hickory House: Lamar, CO

When on a Colorado to Texas road trip with my friend Cortney, I wanted to stop somewhere totally random and weird in order to have a totally random and weird review of some place in the middle of nowhere. She only semi-understood/was willing to accomodate me in this, so we wound up stopping at Hickory House in Lamar, Colorado. Well, I got food from there while she opted to get a Pizza Hut personal pie. I'm mostly going to let the pictures do the talking.
These were things for sale in the restaurant:

' Yes of course it was actually pretty bad. In the sense that it was similar to public school cafeteria food. In the same sense, totally delicious!