Big Sky Bread: Portland, ME

I wish I hadn't wasted calories on the pointless cinnamon twist at Udder Coffee. Despite that and the fact that I wasn't far from where I planned to eat lunch, the overwhelmingly heady smell of baking bread at Big Sky Bread drew me in for a second breakfast like a moth to a flame.

Look at those beautiful focaccia.
The challah bread looked so good, and I wished I could've used a whole loaf.

Apple Cinnamon Scone - $1.50

I went to Portland before Canto 6 had taught me the joys of scones, and so I got this scone in hopes that it might be the scone to convert me. The scone bread was soft and dense and it had the filling, so it became my favorite scone to date, but, really, it was more of a "scone over," if you will.

I tried a sample of some English muffin bread that was good, but the sample butter for the bread was even better.

The chocolate, blueberry, and peanut butter whoopee pies looked amazing.

It's also located right next to a huge artist supply store at which I accidentally spent three bucks and fifteen minutes, though I'm not much of a visual artist.

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