Butterfly Coffee: Boston: Mission Hill: Roxbury Crossing Orange Line Stop

Attached to the Roxbury Crossing stop on the Orange Line is a little cafe called Butterfly Coffee. I wanted some kind of treat one day on my way home, so I stopped in to check the place out. There's nothing particularly fancy or gourmet going on here, but there's coffee and there are treats like I had:

Banana Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Muffin

The muffin part itself was like store-bought blahness, but fuck it, look at all those huge chocolate chips! And anytime you pack three (or more) flavors into a dessert, I'm happy enough.  Best part? Since I used level up, it was only $.13 since you get $2 credit for free the first time you visit. If you haven't already signed up for Level Up (for your smart phone), sign up here and you and I both get an extra $5 to spend anywhere!

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