Cafe Zing (The Coffee Shop Inside Porter Square Books): Somerville: Porter Square

Cafe Zing is a coffee shop inside Porter Square Books, which itself a great bookstore. They have all the coffee and tea drinks you might want, plus a shit load of pastries, sandwiches from The Biscuit, Vietnamese soft rolls, and mini pizzas from Zing Pizza.
Poppy Seed Marzipan Croissant - Two bucks, I think

It was so buttery and pliable, it just melts. I love poppy seeds, and just look at that dense swarm of 'em on this.
Espresso - $.96 (Fuck yeah!)

The espresso didn't suffer from the low price, either. It was quite good on its own and soooo good after each marzipan bite.

They have free wifi and Tuesday's tea is $1 with any food!

Also, it's in a sweet bookstore!

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