Best Friday Harbor Lunch: Cask and Schooner Public House and Restaurant

The Puget Sound Express whale watching tour brought my sister, her partner and me to Friday Harbor for a lunch break. Looking around we decided that Cask and Schooner seemed to be the best dining option, at least of the places that were already open at 11:30 AM.

Maybe it was this sign in book that did it.

Or else it was this sign outside.

And just look at these adorable menus! They do a good job of quainting this place up so that it's actually a little hard to believe they were established in 2011.

Obviously we had to advantage of their nice selection of local draft beers. Though actually this is the 21st Amendment Spring Saison Cami got ($7.50), which is a San Francisco brewery.

Mine, however, was the Lucille IPA ($5) from Georgetown Brewing Co. in Seattle. It was so fresh and clean and crisp.

Bacon Wrapped Dates: with bleu cheese, watercress and a balsamic reduction - $10

Only four?! There were three of us! Good thing Cami is such a peacemaker she's just going to automatically say, "Oh you two split the other one, I'm good," in a situation like this. That's why we love 'er.

Get. In. My. Mouth.

They were the perfect combination that this dish should be: smokey, savory, sweet, and a little tangy.

Beet Salad: with Chiogga beets, local greens, crisp apple, bleu cheese, candied nuts (gluten free, vegetarian) - $10

We had seen this salad pass us by to someone at another table, and it looked so big and delicious that Cami had to get it.

Look at the cute little edible flower petals. Aww...

It was indeed a good choice. The mix of greens was so fresh and delightful. It could totally be psychological I realize, but I always find yellow beets to be extra flavorful. Every bite of this salad was bursting flavor-wise, of course. Now just imagine it with bacon in it...

Schooner Burger: grassfed island beef, fresh cut fries, house pickles 
(also tomato, lettuce, onion, and some kind of delicious mayo) - $12 + avocado, smoked bacon, and white cheddar for $1 each = $15

The bun was a wonderful soft bun the way burger buns should be. Nonalee gets her burgers medium well, so I can't fully speak to the quality of the meat, but the bite that I had was excellent.

Her fries were also great. The size and potatoeyness was exactly how I like 'em. Nice and crisp on the outside, soft inside. I give them 8/10, marked down only for not being seasoned.

Stout-spiked Chicken Sandwich: with bacon, brie, apple, fig aioli, frisee and served with dressed greens - $15

Fortunately, the bread was softer than it looks, so I didn't hurt my mouth on this big guy. Of course I ordered this for the Stout-spikedness, which I couldn't honestly taste, and the fig aioli, which was good but I think should've been more abundant (then again, I am a glutton). It was really good though, the apples and bacon and frisee all giving some nice crunch in the middle of the soft bread and decadent brie and tender and juicy chicken. Thank god it came with greens 'cause I was way full by the end.

Cask and Schooner Public House and Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Check out their ever-changing menu here (though I'm not certain whether they update it regularly). Here are the photos of parts of the menu that I took the day I visited in early August 2012:

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