My Favorite Coffee Shop: Coffee Exchange

Coffee Exchange in Providence (East Side) is my favorite coffee shop in the world so far!

One mark of a truly excellent coffee shop is the availability of The Onion and The Wall Street Journal.

Among the many fun and funky signs and flyers and whatnots around the shop  - another important coffee shop distinction.

You must also serve delicious, creamy espresso - 9/10.
And you have to sell an interesting and lip-smacking assortment of baked goods:

Currant Caraway Scone - $3

Caraway and I had a love affair a while back, and she's one of those lovers I'm hardly ever able to resist any time I run into her. They toasted it for me and it was perfect. It was so dense and moist and wonderful.

Oh oh oh.

My date got a plain croissant, which was good though by no means among the best croissants I've had.

I'm really curious to know how good that vegan pb brownie is.

The reason that tipped me over into thinking this is my favorite coffee shop - I fell hard in love with Bolo Levado (those soft, sweet, Portuguese rolls). This place has glazed Portuguese Popovers! Whaaaat?! Next time, next time. Soon.

Guess what? Next time came!

Portuguese popover, and I guess the Portuguese part means it's glazed. It'd be so good hot, but it still has that French toasty eggy taste that's so great, and it's wonderful with espresso! 

Now the next time I go I want to try their special coffee maker that allows you to try one fresh cup of their 43 or so coffees.

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