Freshen's: Orlando: MCO Airpoint - Terminal B

To top off my MCO airport eating, I stopped for a smoothie at Freshens.

Mango, Peach, Passionfruit Juice Smoothie + Protein Powder Boost = $5.96 after tax

One of the juice base options means that you can supposedly get a smoothie for only 80 calories. Then I added protein for $.69 for more protein and because I like the creaminess protein powder adds. In college I worked at a Java City franchise that sold Freshens smoothies, so for me this was the yummy taste of happy nostalgia. The mango and peach flavors are the ones that come from syrups though, so unless you're on some kind of memory lane trip, stick with strawberry, banana, and/or pineapples at this chain since they use real fruit for those.

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