Haruki East: Providence: East Side

FA Rating: F

The menu at Haruki East was really appealing, so on a trip to Providence I made my way to try it.

Edamame New Englad Clam Chowder - $5

This was as good as it sounds. It actually tasted very chicken noodle soup-y too somehow. It was the soup du jour, so if you go and it happens to be  on the menu, make sure to order it!

Harame Poppers - $7.50

For one thing, I thought it was lame that there were only three of them. The peppers were sadly without any heat whatsoever. The filling was great, but all that sweet crab and eel sauce could've really used some balance from jalepeno heat. This was another daily special, but I'd skip it if you see this one.

Die Hard Maki - $7 - Yellow Tail, Jalapeno and Cilantro

I loved the abundance of cilantro, and these jalapenos (thank god) were actually fairly hot. Unfortunately the yellow tail and rice quality were clearly not high. You know how you can taste immediately whether you're at a good sushi restaurant or a blah one? This was the latter.

Piano Maki - $5.75 - Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado, Scallions, and Burdock

I did enjoy these prices, but the flavor matched. Just skip this place for sushi. That soup was great, and there are a couple other good looking things on the menu (see below), but unfortunately the sushi won't satisfy anyone who's ever had good sushi. If you're in the area and want good sushi, I suggest Ichigo Ichie.

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If I were to go again, I'd get:

VOLCANO (appetizer) -  $12.00 - Sauteed onions, shitake and scallops baked in a spicy mayonnaise sauce, topped with caviar and quail egg

FRESH SPRING ROLL - 7.50 - A combination of marinated chicken, burdock and shredded lettuce, accompanied by wasabi cream

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