Best Down-to-Earth Seafood in NSB: JB's Fishcamp

While brunch at The Spanish River Grill had been delectable, we all still needed a feast of fried goodness to mop up our wedding hangovers. We headed to JB's Fishcamp.

A gorgeous view
One of the better "Unattended Children" signs I've come across
There was live music outside!
Fried Alligator Bites - $9.75
A look inside at the alligator

 As I thought I remembered but wanted to solidify in my brain, alligator just isn't that great. It's too chewy, so while not unpleasant, you really are just better off getting dark meat chicken.

Half a pound of spiced rock shrimp - $12.50

These were really good. There's just so much flavor to go around when you've got flavor on the outside, juicy shrimp, and rosemary butter.

Half a crab cake - from a set of two for $6.50 - It was very tasty but a complete mush , no crispness at all.
Someone got a Tossed Salad - $3

Small Fries - $1.75
 The fries were almost perfect (9/10): lots of potato, a light coating of flavorful batter, a good crispness outside while still soft on the inside.

Oyster Stew - $7.50

This was so good, with lots of big oysters, a nice and thin, slightly hot and oh so rich broth.

Plus, two big hushpuppies came with the stew! They were crunchy on the outside with a soft , sweet, delicious filling.

This horseradishy cocktail sauce was very good. It was thick enough with chunks of good stuff that it squirted out like the runs: with some difficulty, in bursts with nice splurty noises.

Ranch and Mustard Sauce

The ranch was buttermilk perfection - thick style. The "Mustard Sauce" turned out to be just mustard really.

They also have a dozen oysters for $8, something called "Crab Balls," Southern Style Clan Chowder, and a lot more good lookin' stuff to try.

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