Krispy Kreme: Orlando: MCO Airport: Main Terminal Food Court

Dropped off at the MCO airport a handful of hours before my flight, I needed breakfast and coffee. I decided I should split my time, calories, and coffee between pre-security and post-security options. In the main terminal food court there are a lot of fast food options. I planned to spread out my calories by getting small things at a few different places, and I hadn't had a Krispy Kreme anything in the better part of a decade, so I decided to get a small filled donut.

Apple Cinnamon Filled Donut
In my crazy pre-coffee imagination, the dough was going to be cinnamon infused and the filling would be an apple flavored cream. I was afraid after the first two bites that they'd forgotten the filling, but bite three showed me it was there, if a bit skimpily.

I don't care much for apple cinnamon pie filling stuff, but that was my bad. What I really wanted of course was a fresh-off-the-presses regular Krispy Kreme donut, but of course I just had to get something I hadn't had before. I still wonder if the airport location has them fresh like that. My advice for those in need of breakfast at the airport would have been to go to the Chik-fil-a next door and get a chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich for $3, but now I'd prefer everyone not spend their money at an establishment that openly spends part of its profits donating to organizations that fight against my rights.

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