Momofuku Milk Bar: NYC: East Village (one of multiple locations in NYC)

Momofuku is a small, walk up dessert shop, maybe just slightly bigger than Porchetta actually.
Cortney got the "Crack Pie" - $5.25
This tasted like a... a.... sugar bar? I can't remember what it was from my childhood that tasted like this, but the memory was there pressing at my brain when I tried this. It was really good, really sweet (too sweet?), but most importantly it made me remember one of the happier moments of my childhood. There was definitely a bit of a come down too.

Green Apple Cheddar Soft Serve
 At first I was thinking that I could taste the green apple a bit but not really the cheddar. "Maybe a hint of cheddar, maybe..." I was thinking when Cortney's boyfriend Bobby said, "It tastes like Cheeze Whiz."

"Oh my god! How could I have missed that? It does taste like Cheeze Whiz!" I thought. From then on I could barely if at all sense whatever green apple flavor I'd thought I might've been tasting. It tasted only like Cheeze Whiz and exactly like Cheeze Whiz. Our brains are freaking weird when it comes to tastes and priming.

And of course the Momofuku people would make the cheddar flavor a Cheeze Whiz flavor - they're all about bringing you stuff from your childhood.

Speaking of which, the same Green Apple Cheddar Ice Cream but covered in Corn Flakes for an extra $.75

Does it seem worth $.75 to you to cover your funky ice cream in a cereal from your childhood that you didn't even like that much at the time but your mom made you eat occasionally? Well it was, and I'm glad Bobby opted for it so that I got to try it. It could be the pure evocation of memories that made this taste so much better, so much more than it should have. Bobby said that the thought the Green Apple Cheddar ice cream and Corn Flakes together tasted like one of those cheese filled sandwich crackers. I didn't agree, but then I purposefully avoided eating as many of those as I could as a kid.  Either way, it was like some kind of white trash ice cream pie, in a good way.

Go try it for yourself and tell me what you think it tastes like.

I love weird ice cream.

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