Pancho's: Orlando: MCO Airport - Terminal B

I wanted something different for lunch, and I wound up getting two super greasy fried balls of ridiculousness at Pancho's*, a little kiosk in MCO's Terminal B. Some Yelpers complain about their sandwiches, apathy, and limited English, but none of this mattered since I was in it for these:

Meat and Potato Ball - $2.89


Stuffed Yucca - $2.89


Side by side

Both were delicious greasy, stuffed, fried vehicles of gooey mashed starch and ground taco-style meat. Other than being shaped like a softball instead of a Twinkie, the potato one was softer, mushier and altogether a bit yummier (not to mention slightly more massive) than the yucca one. Today was my last day of vacation. Stop judging me.

*not to be confused with the ghetto fabulous Pancho's Mexican Buffet

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