Porchetta: NYC: East Village

I met up with a couple of friends for a day in NYC before their move to Albania (yup). My friend Cortney'd never been to New York and recently started eating meat again, so I thought Porchetta (hard k sound) might be a good experience. I'd never been before, but it'd been on my foodie radar.

It's a small joint, with counter seating inside for maybe six people tops as well as an up to six person table outside. The menu is pretty simple, though there are also daily specials. I can no longer remember what it was the day we were there, but I remember it sounded really good. We needed to try the namesake though.

Porchetta Plate - $14 

The beans were a tad hard, the greens (kale) were great and flavorful, and the pork was good. I had this "Um... Are we supposed to eat these hard bits?" reaction, but then I saw Cortney's sandwich had the hard bits in it so they had to be edible and boy were they ever. Like sweet fatty pork rinds, but not dry. I think those bits must be why people went ape over this place for a minute.
Porchetta Sandwich - $10 - Cortney likes to be in photos, and I love that girl with the funky dress who looks to be gettindown with some pork.

I think the sandwich is the way to go as neither or my sides really did it for me and sandwiches are the best. The "crispy potatoes and burnt ends" ($5) side that went by me to another patron looked delicious and was why I actually ordered the platter, mistakenly thinking that it would accompany my pork. The "chicory salad with garlic dressing" ($5) also sounds good and a bit intriguing. Learn from my mistakes and go split a sandwich and those two sides with a friend.

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