Newbury Street's Least Obnoxious Coffee Shop: Wired Puppy

Espresso Rating: 7/10

Wired Puppy (Back Bay in Boston) has a good water station, nice restrooms, Prospect Hill root beers for sale, and their baked goods look decent (including Portuguese bolo with cream cheese, butter, apple jelly or orange marmalade - $2) They also sell alternative baking company cookies (2.75) and Earnest (wheat free, vegan) granola bars ($2 for small $4 for large), and Pro Bars for ($3.75). Unlike Starbucks, they don't suck. Unlike Espresso Royale, they're not always slammed.

Double Espresso: Simple but good
Green Tea Smoothie - $6.26 for second smallest size (14 oz)

Made of powder, milk (in my case soy) and ice, it was less like a smoothie than an iced latte in consistency. It could be the soy milk, but the ice and liquid separated almost immediately. It tasted good though, creamier and less strongly green tea-ish than I anticipated. I do want to try their Mate Freddo (frozen blended mate drink).

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