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Funkiest Sandwiches in Burlington: Four Corners of the Earth

FA Rating: FF
Price: $

The entire experience at Four Corners of the Earth was generally pretty funky. I found the place intriguing from online reviews and wanted to discover the truth for myself. It took us a while to even find the place. Go south on Pine st. just past Kilburn St. and then take a left into the little corner of businesses there.

There's a long menu of about 25 delicious sounding sandwiches, but it's kind of a surprise what's in 'em. You can ask what each one is, but you might be there a while. Just order whatever sounds best to you and see what you get! How fun!

We weren't sure when to pay, so we ordered and sat down. Almost ten minutes later we realized it was cash only. We weren't sure if they just weren't making our sandwiches because we hasn't paid or what, but they didn't day anything. It didn't seem so busy that it would be taking as long as it did, but we just kept waiting in confusion. My date left for the nearest ATM (…

Sam LaGrassa's: DDD vs. Reality

Before the first time I ever visited Boston, I looked for Boston restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and saw this:

The drooling commenced. Sadly, my first two trips to Boston included failure, as I was not able to get to Sam LaGrassa's (Boston: Beacon Hill) during their small window of business, Monday to Friday, 11:00 AM-3:30 PM. To tide my pastrami lust over, I got a pastrami sandwich at some random joint in JP that was open late before catching the Megabus back to NY. That was a salty mistake.

I finally pencilled in lunch at Sam LaGrassa's when a friend was visiting me from Dallas.

Be warned of the line:

After ordering my sandwich from Sam LaGrassa himself (he's right there, behind the counter), we got our food, but I needed to use the restroom, so I dashed up the two flights of stairs to the women's restroom (the men's is on the second floor), to one of the tiniest two-stall restrooms I've ever seen. In order to pull my pants up, I first h…

Rabia's: Boston: Boston: North End

Current Italian Restaurant in Boston Ranking: #3
Price: Lunch: $ Dinner: $$$

Someone suggested Rabia's to me on my latest round of "I've got someone coming into town. Is there a North End place you'd strongly recommend?" so that's what my mother got. Lunch pastas are $11 instead of the $18 dinner price, so lunch it was.

I had heard I had to get the pesto gnocchi. I have no idea why I had to. It was tasty but nothing to have children about.

I really enjoyed this one with its combination of sweet fruits and sweet pungent cheesey sauce. I also thought it was interesting to have apples so chopped or pureed or whatever it was they did to 'em that they could be a ravioli filling. My mother found it too sweet, but she's one of those people who's not into sweet. If you are or are with one of those people, be warned.

Doughboy Donuts: Boston: South Boston

Espresso Rating: 4/10

I kind of didn't realize that my $5 for $10 of Doughboys Donuts coupon would get me a fuck ton of donuts since they're all still about buck a piece at this old school donut shop. Whoops. I could have taken some of them back to my roommates or something, but, predictably, I instead decided to do my foodie duty and try a bite or two of each of the eight donuts I selected.

It's always a bit weird to be in Southie where white people work behind the counter of a donut shop, blue collar workers take their daily donut and New England brand coffee to go or sit and rest at the tables shared with the deli next door. The young lady who very kindly helped me asked if I wanted my espresso in coffee or anything, probably thinking I didn't understand what just an espresso would be as it's likely that no one has ever ordered just an espresso from her.

Paradise Bakery: Boston: Back Bay - In the Prudential

I have a little problem where I often feel I have to have dessert after a meal, even if that meal was ridiculously gluttonous. Thus, I've had a couple of cookies from Paradise Bakery in the Pru, though I've never gotten around to eating anything else there.

They also have mini cookies, so you can buy a whole, like, pound or something of them for not that much $. I'll get back to you on the deets.

Worse than Starbucks: Temptations Cafe

Americano Rating: 3/10

In my attempt to find a good cafe near my therapist and a Trader Joe's with alcohol (now including liquor!), I tried out Temptations Cafe (Boston: Brookline: Coolidge Corner).

They have Belly (check it out if you don't know what it is).