El Oriental de Cuba: Boston: Jamaica Plain


On a Saturday night in Jamaica Plain, the popular restaurants have thirty plus minute waits. This led to my finally going to Oriental de Cuba (where there was only a five minute wait).

Stuffed Yuca - $2.50

Stuffed with beef! The outside was crispy and golden, the inside so smooth and juicy and savory. I freaking love stuffed yuca, though I'm not sure it's the best appetizer for a meal, so heavy and greas-ish as it is.

Rabo (braised oxtail) - $15.95

I thought I had remembered not particularly enjoying oxtail, but some guy on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on The Food Network once described this oxtail ragu he got somewhere, and it sounded so amazing that I thought I should be adventurous and order oxtail.

As it turns out, this was fine but not something I'd order again. The bones are just way too damn annoying to work around, and the taste doesn't make up for it. The tail of a cow... why would that be the best part, really? Then again, I still have to find that ragu...

The rice with pigeon peas and fried ripe plantains that came with the oxtail were quite nice. I liked theirs better than Merengue's, actually.

Guava Shell with Cream Cheese - $2.95 - Mmm, yummy!

Stuffed Lobster Patty - $2.99: Very nice, like a Hot Pocket, really

This place was very comfortable, and the food was delicious (though it'll be even better I'm sure when instead of oxtail I get mofongo or one of their fishes in coconut sauce plates or paella), and the prices were very reasonable.

They also serve breakfast:

Eggs and Chorizo - $8.99: Good stuff

Ripe Plantain Omelette - $7.99: Cute idea, needs more stuff
The bread that comes with all the breakfasts is generously portioned and buttered.

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