Curry Donuts at Japonaise Bakery

Curry Donut at Japonaise Bakery (Brookline, Porter Exchange Mall, and BU Campus)

This was so good. It was as rich as it looks. You can see the oil. A gob of curry fried in a big ball of dough? Fuuuck yes.

Azuki Cream - $2.95 - "Sweet read bean paste baked into a croissant shell filled with our light whip cream (One of our best sellers and a must try!)"

This may please some crowds (much the way cannolis do), but I found it too sweet and I thought the pastry dough was dry flaky instead of either moist flaky or dense or fluffy or any of the good options.

I left this picture in just because I like the guy in the reflection you can see watching me take this picture.

Ham & Egg Roll - $2.35 - Ham roll with egg salad

This was pretty great. The dough was soft and buttery. It could be a fun (and cheap!) way to have an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich each morning.

Americano 5/10, Not their forte but gets the job done

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