Paradise Bakery: Boston: Back Bay - In the Prudential

I have a little problem where I often feel I have to have dessert after a meal, even if that meal was ridiculously gluttonous. Thus, I've had a couple of cookies from Paradise Bakery in the Pru, though I've never gotten around to eating anything else there.

Paradise Surprise cookie - The "surprise" was Oreo cookie crumbles! Yummmm! Also, the edge of the cookie was just a little golden crispy, while the inner circle may as well have been cookie dough it was so perfectly undercooked to be soft and gooey. Oh yeah.

Chocolate Latte - It didn't have as much coffee flavor as I'd hoped, but it was still good and almost as soft as the Paradise Surprise.

They also have mini cookies, so you can buy a whole, like, pound or something of them for not that much $. I'll get back to you on the deets.

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