Rabia's: Boston: Boston: North End

Current Italian Restaurant in Boston Ranking: #3
Price: Lunch: $ Dinner: $$$

Someone suggested Rabia's to me on my latest round of "I've got someone coming into town. Is there a North End place you'd strongly recommend?" so that's what my mother got. Lunch pastas are $11 instead of the $18 dinner price, so lunch it was.

Tomato Goat Cheese Panini with cucumber and mint balsamic dressing - $9.50

The supposed cucumbers must have been chopped up into the goat cheese and were... subtle (if extant). We felt that the tomatoes ought to have been chopped up so that they could be tasted in each bite instead of falling out all the time. My Mom asked our server if there was any mint balsamic  on the sandwich because it didn't look like it. 

"Yes," said she.

"Okay," said Mom, "So what about on the greens?" The greens were very clearly completely dry.

"Yes", said the server, but then she said "Be right back." 

She came back with a side of balsamic, which may or may not have had any hints of mint in it. I believe she brought us a plain balsamic dressing. She clearly just says "Yes" no matter what you ask. I don't think there was any mint balsamic in the sandwich either. We asked her next if this really was the mint balsamic and she said "Yes," but it wasn't minty. It did have nice chunks of olives.

Fresh Pesto Gnocchi in a cream pesto sauce - $11

I had heard I had to get the pesto gnocchi. I have no idea why I had to. It was tasty but nothing to have children about.

Red Apple Ravioli with figs in a light gorgonzola sage cream sauce - $11

I really enjoyed this one with its combination of sweet fruits and sweet pungent cheesey sauce. I also thought it was interesting to have apples so chopped or pureed or whatever it was they did to 'em that they could be a ravioli filling. My mother found it too sweet, but she's one of those people who's not into sweet. If you are or are with one of those people, be warned.

We noticed that the server had brought bread out to every other table besides us. My mother asked for some while we were working on our pastas. The server brought some without apology for having neglected to do so in the first place. We used the bread to sop up the delicious creamy sauces that remained after the gnocchi and ravioli were gone.

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