(Sometimes) Best Pizza in Boston: Pizzeria Regina

When my friend Andrew was in town, I finally took the opportunity to go see just how good Pizzeria Regina in the North End really is. I'd heard the wait could be out the door, even at lunch time. This was technically true, but that meant there were literally three people ahead of us (one party) because there's no wait space inside, or at least no one waits inside on a beautiful warm day. But there's very little room for waiting inside anyway. As we walked in, we were immediately greeted and seated.

#30 Rosemary Ham Bianco (White Pizza) Roasted pineapple, fresh spinach, Rosemary ham, fresh basil, Parmesan, Mozzarella cheese and Regina’s garlic sauce. A 10" for $11.99 was more than plenty for two. A 16" of this one would've been $19.99, but I recommend that only for three or more.

Look at all the toppings they pile on!

Ohohoho, the cheese, the cheese!

I immensely enjoyed myself.

This was the best pizza I've had in Boston. The toppings are great (though not particularly interesting), the crust is soft, not too thick or thin and is crispily edged, and the cheese is ooegy gooey melty.

However, on another occasion I got a red pizza.

This one wasn't very good. The cheese situation wasn't even close to ooey gooey melty. This was just an okay pizza. If you want the best red pizza in town, you've gotta go to Picco Pizza in the South End.

The service is no nonsense fast but still in a really friendly way. We didn't feel rushed at all, just efficiently taken care of.

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Make sure to use their tiny little restroom!

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