Sun Studio: Memphis Airport (MEM)

When I had a recent layover at the Memphis Airport, I didn't realize how much Memphisy touristness I'd be able to squeeze out of the situation. I did so by eating a Sun Studio, where there was an Elvis impersonator and the menus were record cases.

Sometimes The South gets weird. Like at this place (Sun Studio) the bartender was Hispanic, the Elvis impersonator white, every single waitress was
Black, and every patron was white.

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Seafood Bisque - I subbed in the shrimp bisque for the fries at no extra charge to my $10.49 meal.

The pulled pork was chunkier and chewier than superior more tender versions.  I don't know if I can judge all of Memphis-style BBQ sauce on this airport restaurant, but it was too sweet and that was about it. The bun was golden and lightly toasted, but ultimately too lightly, unable to keep its contents within its walls, thus skewing too high the bread to fillings ratio. Eventually I gave up and switched to fork and knife.

The seafood bisque was a little out of a can-ish, and when I asked after hot sauce, the waitress said, "Tabasco?" I didn't feel like being a dick to see if they had anything other than my least favorite of all hot sauces, that inexplicably popular vinegary calamity of ubiquity, but even Tabasco is better than not hot. It took almost an ounce (or half the small bottle) to get it hot/flavorful at all.

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