Best Drunk Burger: Tasty Burger

Where can you go at 1:30 in the morning for a Butta Burger (a burger drenched in butter plus sauteed onions, which is amazing) plus cheese 'n' gravy fries and, while in line, make friends with a group of strangers who somehow spontaneously wind up singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid with you as you wait? That'd be Tasty Burger (Fenway, Southie, and now Harvard Square).

Allow me to introduce you to your appetizer: Jalapeno Cheese Sauce and Sausage Gravy Fries (Yes, they do mix well, all too well). Take that poutine! And America scores a point against Canada! Now if we can just figure healthcare out to pay for our forthcoming heart attacks.
You can actually get fries with the sausage gravy, spicy cheese sauce and chili, but it's not as good, and it's served in a bowl next to your fries instead of getting them drenched as above.

The Big Tasty: Cheese, Lettuce, Pickles, Onions, Tomatoes and Big Tasty Sauce - $4.95

Spicy Jalapeno Burger - YES!!!!

Bucket o' condiments

It's like Shake Shack in that you get that wonderful fast foodish gluttony of burgerdom but without the shittiness of fast food. Shake Shack uses a potato bun to Tasty Burger's sesame bun, which I would've thought was inherently superior, but a sesame bun is such a classic harking back to uncomplicated childhood pleasures that it does bring a different layer of pleasure. Thus, even more than Shake Shack though these things are smushed, simple indulgences that your brain can shut up and enjoy, thinking only, "Mmm, mmm, oh yes, yes, yes, ohhh yes, mmmm." Though it probably does help to be trashed.

The only other thought I had about this burger was that if I could masturbate a burger into existence, it'd be this one.

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One time I successfully convinced my friends to take me there after dancing, I was so drunk I didn't even remember eating it the next morning. This causes me much sadness to this day.

Though, another time, I went to the newer Harvard Square location sober and had one.
Butta Burger - What had been so amazing while drunk was actually pretty sad and gross that day. Or else the HS location isn't doing it right. It's also packed full of 21-year-old asshats, always.

I also ordered spicy cheese sauce fries, but sadly they gave it to me to go, which meant a watermelon-sized box of fries and a soup bowl full of cheese whiz that does not reheat well.

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