Zoup!: Boston: Beacon Hill

FA Rating: f
Price: $

I needed something that wasn't too heavy last gay pride day in Boston, and we had made our way to the Government Center area to check out the hoopla under the tents there (which turned out to mostly be people selling stuff no one cares about). My friends and I gave up on trying to find any particularly good or interesting food and thus settled on Zoup!

They have a shit load of different soups every day, and that would be great in any of the three seasons when it wasn't 90% out.

Loco Burrito: Romaine, fajita chicken, fresco salsa (black beans and corn are involved in this apparently), mozzarella, diced tomatoes, guacamole & tortilla strips. Served with chipotle ranch dressing.

It was fine. It really annoys me that ordering salad often lands you a piece of bread. I can't turn down free food, so I wish it weren't offered. I ordered a fucking salad in order to avoid having so many simple carbs, you assholes. It was bad enough that I gave in to the temptation to order the one with tortilla strips and chipotle ranch - why do you have to compound my poor decision-making with your nutrition-less hunks of flour?

But perhaps those are my personal problems.

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