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Sesame Seaweed Snacks from Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has a new seaweed snack out. I won't gush over it quite the way I did with the wasabi seaweed, but I do really like it. 

Shakeology - A Tad Pyramidally Schematic

I tried some samples I was given of some some of Shakeology's protein shake mixtures, deciding to blend each one with Trader Joe's Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (40 calories per cup of creamy deliciousness) and ice.

If you order these things from Shakeology, they cost $120 for either 30 servings worth in a bag  or 24 individual pouches, which comes to $4 of $5 per serving, respectively. It's actually $130 for the Chocolate Vegan crap. Plus, you'll still want to add at least some kind of milk, if not bananas, nut butters, etc. in order to mix it up and, in some cases, mask the taste. Hell no.

Conclusion: If you're rich enough to throw your money at expensive pre-made protein shakes that have a bunch of extra-stuff in it that is almost certainly all placebo, get the chocolate (non-vegan). But in reality, I think this product is a pointlessly expensive product that is only worth the while of those who are involved in the pyramid scheme multi-level marketing scheme.

Trader Joe's Kale Chips versus Whole Foods' Rhythm Kale Chips

Whole Foods
Because a Whole Foods employee told me this 2 ounce bag of vegan, raw, gluten free Zesty Nacho Organic Paleo-Friendly Kale Chipswas "only" $4.99, I took it to the counter:

It rang up as $7.99, which annoyed me, but I gave in and bought the damn thing.  That's $4 per ounce.  Christ.  This is what I pay to have a paleo diet-approved chip.

They were pretty tasty, though the coating tasted, at best, like a cousin (or maybe a second cousin once removed) of cheese.  But who fucking cares?  All I was after was something low-cal and at least kind of tasty to crunch on mindlessly while watching Mad Men on Netflix Instant. It sort of served its purpose (the calorie count isn't really that great at 320 for the bag with 10g of saturated fat), but I'll never pay this much again for kale chips even if my attempts to make them at home have been a little pathetic.

There is this hazard to be aware of too:
But maybe you're not as much of a slob as I am.

I had a bu…

Cheapest Burgers: Dick's

FA Rating: F+++
Price: $--

I was with the groom-to-be's on the night of his bachelor party, and he decided that what he wanted for dinner was Dick's (several Seattle-area locations).

"Do you really want a burger and fries right now?" I asked. "Don't you have to save room for alcohol?"

"There's always room for Dick's," said the groom.

Sorry about the picture. I was in a car at night in a bachelor party. Anyway the burger was like when McDonald's didn't suck when you were a kid. Not as good as Shake Shack or Tasty Burger, but old school cheap and scrumptious. I could eat a bag of Dick's right now.

The fries were salty and more like potatoes than most anywhere else (they are plainly stated to be 100% real potatoes, after all). Some real potato fries are too thick, but these were the perfect medium thickness and medium-high saltiness. If only, in addition to ketchup and tartar sauce (which can both be purchased for a nickel),…