Boom Noodle: Seattle: Multiple Locations

Wanting something fairly healthful for lunch, my friend Katie and I stopped at Boom Noodle in Capitol Hill. I dunno how this connection works, but this three location restaurant is a lot like this international Asian chain called Wagamama. Except I like Boom Noodle's menu a lot better.

Boom Edamame Puree  - $4.95 - edamame puree with sweet potato crisps, baby cucumber, japanese eggplant, yuzu pepper
This was actually a lot like Trader Joe's edamame hummus. Though I love that, I was hoping for more flavor from that eggplant and yuzu pepper.
It was still good though, and with some sriaracha to spike that blunt creaminess, it was not exactly hard to plow our way through that edamame baseball.

Mizuna salad (Gluten Free and Vegetarian (if one chooses)) - $11.95 - (chicken or tofu, add $1 for grilled prawns) - fresh baby mizuna, bell peppers, cucumbers, baby lima beans, sweet potato chips, with black sesame vinaigrette

It was so big! The sesame vinaigrette was magical! Who doesn't want a huge pile of well dressed vegetables?
Okonomiyaki (G available) -  $8.50 - osaka style japanese pancake with pork, cabbage, green onions, aioli, tonkatsu sauce, tempura, pickled ginger, jalapeños, bonito flake

Yes yes yes! If you read that list of ingredients and your mouth isn't watering, I doubt we could be friends.

Play with your sauces!

We weren't there for drinks, but this is cute! Eel River Organic Porter! Ginger elixir! Mmph! Also, Seattle beer prices in general are a beautiful thing. Do not take them for granted, Seattlites.

When we were leaving, I noticed that all the other tables had signs on them announcing a lunch special for $8.95 that consisted of a Boom Banh Mi with small Coconut Curry Chicken soup, that weren't on the menu otherwise. I can hardly think of a better lunch combo idea.

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