Bukhara: Boston: Jamaica Plain

I keep my eyes open for Google Offers (and suchlike) for places in JP. I snatched one up for Bukhara and finally made my way. Soon I'll use my more recently purchased coupon for Ghazal and do a post on the JP Indian food face off (these two Indian restaurants are about twenty freet from each other on Centre. St. in Jamaica Plain).

I love Indian food, though I often feel I don't have much to say because it's just freakin' delicious wherever you go. But I'll try:

One thing that makes Indian food so badass is that they always give you a shit load of sauces. Left: tamarind sauce, middle: some kind of spicy chutney, right: cilantro mint chutney

Instead of chips and salsa as a gratis appetizer, you get some pappadom crackers and some sauces! Though, those you've gotta keep some of those sauces around to try every combination with the rest of your food.

Veggie samosas - golden fried shells of mashed potatoes and green peas to dip into your sauces! Hooray! - $4

Read the menu carefully. Depending on the restaurant and the dishes or meals you order, you may only be served rice. And who wants white rice when you're at an Indian restaurant and one of if not the best carb options ever is mere feet away from you?

So make sure to order some naan (plain or flavored, either way), soft, warm, fluffily dense , soft as a hug naan -  $3

My companion got the Baingan Bhartha: "Eggplant specialty baked over open flame, mashed and sautéed with onions, garlic, ginger and spices" - $12.50  

Eggplant is awesome, and so is this whole dish, but when I want Indian, I want one of the creamy sauce indulgences (a kafta, korma, curry, or something with "josh" in it).

Malai Kofta -Vegetable balls cooked in a creamy nut sauce with fresh herbs and spices - $13.50

What can I say? It's a ridiculously flavorful cream sauce with balls of extra flavor in the mix. Then when you take the leftovers of this feast home, you get to start making your morning omelettes and sandwiches and whatnot with creamy sauce and whatever else you brought home on top. Indian food rocks my world.

Also, my coupon use was totally successful, no awkwardness or bullshit.

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This section of the menu must be new because it wasn't there in the early summer of 2012 when I was there. Now I have to go back:

CHEFS SPECIALS: (italics added for foodie asshole awesomeness)

Beef jalapeno vindaloo 17.00 Beef cubes tempered in a jalapeno vindaloo gravy
Minted Chutney Scallops 10.00 with pickled onions and mulligatawny hotshot
Mango basil chicken 17.00 Chicken Morsels tossed in a roasted mango sauce with fresh basil, bell peppers
“Lychee" shrimp 22.00 Sweet and sour shrimp with a tomato lychee sauce
Coconut lamb chop curry 18.00 Lamb chops braised in a curry leaf ginger coconut sauce
Tandoori duck masala 19.00 Duck tikkas tossed in a fenugreek tomato sauce
Vegetable Manchurian 16.00 Minced vegetable balls in a ginger soy sauce
Shanghai Chicken 17.00 Chinese hakka style chilli chicken with ginger and green chillis
Hakka noodle bowl 14.00 Chicken or vegetarian
Punjabi Kadhi Pakora 13.00 Tempered yoghurt curry with chickpea patties
Basil and poppy seed naan 3.50
Chilli mozzarella naan 4.00

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