Cheapest Burgers: Dick's

FA Rating: F+++
Price: $--

I was with the groom-to-be's on the night of his bachelor party, and he decided that what he wanted for dinner was Dick's (several Seattle-area locations).

"Do you really want a burger and fries right now?" I asked. "Don't you have to save room for alcohol?"

"There's always room for Dick's," said the groom.

Dick's Special - $1.80 - Single 1/8 pound grilled patty, with lettuce, mayonnaise and pickle relish  

Sorry about the picture. I was in a car at night in a bachelor party. Anyway the burger was like when McDonald's didn't suck when you were a kid. Not as good as Shake Shack or Tasty Burger, but old school cheap and scrumptious. I could eat a bag of Dick's right now.

Half a bag of $1.50 fries

The fries were salty and more like potatoes than most anywhere else (they are plainly stated to be 100% real potatoes, after all). Some real potato fries are too thick, but these were the perfect medium thickness and medium-high saltiness. If only, in addition to ketchup and tartar sauce (which can both be purchased for a nickel), they had some ranch or other creamy dipping options. Oh well, remember to bring your own!

I had known nothing about this Seattle chain but was quickly astonished by their apparent ability to maintain 90's era fast food prices. Their burgers range in price from $1.25-$2.70. Holy shit.

"Nothin' like cheap Dick," said the groom.

"I've lost two fries down my cleavage," said my sister's wife.

Burger Rating: 7/10
Dick's Drive-in (Queen Anne) on Urbanspoon

Groom Oren and my sister, Cami, in front of Dick's

And here's a good picture for not seeing the groom's face but seeing these two weirdos/obvious drug users who loved dancing with him/stripping later on at Wildrose.

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