Katy's Corner Cafe: Seattle: Capitol Hill

Venturing out to try for a cafe with better espresso (and preferably better food) than Cortona Cafe, I made it a few blocks further down Union St. to Katy's Cafe. The lady who helped me (Katy?) was very friendly, kindly chatting with each person who came in.

They have LevelUp (click here to sign up to be able to use your phone to pay with your credit card at many places all over the country. You get free credits at almost every new place you visit, and if you use my link, we both get an extra $5 credit).

Cheddar Spinach Muffin: It was pretty fluffy and flavorful, if sticking to the paper a bit too much.

Double espresso: sadly served in to-go cup, which always makes the flavor suffer - 6/10.

They were out of the fresh veggie quiches they make in the mornings but did have some breakfast bagel sandwiches (ham, egg, cheese and cream cheese!), simpler sandwiches (fried ham, turkey club, cranberry tuna pita, veggie), pumpkin bread (in August!), blueberry coffee cake, peach walnut muffins, peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies, plus some packaged biscottis, Cliff bars, and free dog treats.

There's a bookshelf with mostly some scifi and mystery books, kind of a rag tag collection.

There's free wifi and a handful of tables inside as well as one up-to-four person outdoor table. Working on your novel in the summer here with the open windows that allow in an exquisite breeze isn't the worst way to go. I would still only suggest it if you live really close. As it is you're already close enough to Tougo coffee that you should probably make your way there.

 Katy's Corner Cafe on UrbanspoonEspresso Rating: 6/10

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