Kelly's Diner: Somerville: Ball Square

You wake up Sunday morning, in an alcoholic daze at your friend's place in Ball Square. "Oh!" you think, "Perfect! I'll finally try brunch at either Sound Bites or Ball Square Cafe, whichever line is shorter."

But by the time you get there and see that the lines for both are fifteen people out the door, you're way too hangover-famished to wait those kind of bull shit times. Thank god, in such an event, for Kelly's Diner.

There may still be a bit of a wait, particularly if you don't want to sit in a booth, but only a few minutes.

Do be aware that, unlike Sound Bites and BSC, Kelly's does not have an espresso machine. This is your coffee (Bottomless - $1.79), which the hurried server will slide down toward you with this bucket of creamer. Ah, it made me feel like I was back home in Texas in my college days. You do have to kind of love a diner diner.

The girl I was with is a normal, so she got the #3: Two Eggs, Choice of Bacon or Sausage, Toast and Home Fries - $5.49

Our "Famous" Eggs Benedict (Every Sunday) - $7.99
Nothing to write home about, nor to sneeze about, nicely poached eggs, just some good ol' toasted English muffins, slices of Canadian bacon, and fairly flavorful homefries (the more mashed variety). I do with they had something more than Tabasco for my hot sauce needs. Tapatio is where it's at, people. Get with it.

Kelly's Diner on UrbanspoonFA Rating: F, CHEAP

Other breakfast/brunch choices to consider:
-Linguicia and eggs/toast/home fries plate ($6.99) of a linguica omelette ($6.49)!
-Artichoke, Tomato and Cheese (4 egg!) Omelette - $6.99

They also have lunch and dinner options, my favorite of which:

Lunch Specials:
Liver and Onions with Bacon - $7.99 (You can actually get liver!)
Meat Loaf with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable - $7.99

House Special Real Turkey Dinner — Real Mashed Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce - $8.99

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