Mean Bean: Port Townsend, WA

Before our whale watching cruise, my sister, her wife, and I needed coffee. Since this would be my first coffee in the state of Washington, I had hopes it would be life-changingly good. We stopped at the Mean Bean stand.

My americano was good but not mind-blowing, a 7/10. "Maybe," I thought, "I should get coffee coffee next time, or maybe it's not the Seattle miraculous situation in Port Townsend."They didn't give us sleeves, presumably an anti-waste measure, though it was too hot to handle for a handful* of minutes. 
This was Pacific Northwest coffee experience #1. Many more to follow.

I did like that they had 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 oz options (I'm a firm believer that a two shot, 20 oz ice latte is the perfect ratio situation, not that I have an iced latte more than one a year anymore) as well as rice and soy milk (not that I use either). They sell some simple wraps and sandwiches.

Mean Bean Coffee Co. on UrbanspoonAmericano Rating: 7/10

* :]

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