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I passed by Moksa: Pan Asian Izakaya (Central Square in Cambridge, MA) over and over this summer, sometimes reading menu highlights from the new chef. Finally, I just had to go. My date and I took one of their several outside tables, just in time to half overhear a couple complaining to their server about the spiciness level of their food this time compared to last time. I never did figure out whether they thought it was too hot or not hot enough. I was curious to see whether any of my food would be particularly hot or surprisingly mild.

Spicy tuna dumplings with guacamole and Thai mango chili sauce - $8

These were tasty, as anything fried, guacamole-adjacent, and sweet chili sauce-drizzled would be, but we couldn't really taste the tuna. This wasn't spicy at all.

Japanese meatballs with wasabi aioli and sweet soy glaze - $6

I loved the meatballs but wished there'd been a higher wasabi aioli: sweet soy glaze ratio.

Spicy tuna stuffed jalapeno with cream cheese and furikake - $9

These were extremely good. Though I'd imagined a slice of raw tuna, the tuna was pureed, which was actually probably allowed the blending of the flavors more successfully. They weren't too spicy at all but nicely so. They were wonderful.

For some reason I've lost my picture of the seaweed salad we also ordered. It's $6 and comes with more of the same mango salsa as the tuna dumplings did. It was good, but you really only need one mango salsa dish per meal.

I know it's supposed to be Japanese tapas and all, but I wished they would've spread out the dishes a bit. They all came out at once, and we clearly weren't really drinking. My date had a gingerale, and I had one of their drink specials.

Earth Cha Ching - A glass of Heinekin with a shot of sake - $4.50
They suggest dropping it in bomb-style, which, in my case, led to my spilling a third of my sake on my pants. So... know your limitations.

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I'm excited to go back and try the sushi!

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