Quinn Popcorn: A Yuppie Product Review

Because LevelUp was (is?) doing a thing at City Feeds where the 150,000th customer to use LevelUp to pay would win an iPhone 5, I decided to swing by and let myself purchase one of the stupidly expensive products available therein.

For this purpose I chose a $6 box of popcorn that consisted of two bags with three 180 calories servings each.
Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Pocporn

Take 1: I was so upset. It was the blandest popcorn I'd ever had. Where the hell was the maple or even the salt? Where did all those calories even come from with popcorn this plain?!

Take 2: I tried adding my own toppings, but it was lame.

Take 3: The next morning I realized that in addition to the two bags of microwavable popcorn in the box, there are two packets of canola oil and two packets of maple and sea salt seasoning that you're supposed to shake into the bag after popping it. Oh.

It's hard to see, but the bites that get the maple and salt were pretty delicious. Still, I would never pay $6 again, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone at this cost. I would pay $3 or $4 for two bags of this and feel good about it. If you order from Amazon and get super saver shipping, you can pay $5 per box. They have parmesan & rosemary and lemon & sea salt available too.

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