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Ice Cream Thieves

If you're going to take some of your roommate's pint of ice cream, normally all you have to do it scrape a layer off in keeping with the pattern that she uses, which will typically fall into one of three categories:

Howevever, if this roommate has a history of dieting (whether or not she currently claims to be), don't even bother. You might think your little skim job will go unnoticed, but it won't. The dieter (or recovering dieter) will know some is missing. This is because while she was eating it, she was calculating in her head comme ça, "Okay, so 1/2 of a cup has 180 calories. I'll just eat a little bit, maybe even less than half cup so that I only get 150 calories... Oh this is so good, okay maybe a little bit more, but that's definitely less than a third of the pint. About 200 calories. Okay 210. That's totally fine and reasonable. I'll just do sixty jumping jacks before bed."

So show her the respect of just taking a big chunk out withou…

Best Bakery in Capitol Hill: High Five Pie

FA Rating: FF
Espresso Rating: 8/10

On my second to last day in Seattle, my friend Katie told me that I absolutely had to go to High Five Pie. I made my way there for breakfast and coffee.

I was greeted my case after case of incredible-looking pastries that I absolutely had to try! Unfortunately, I could only eat this one meal there. Fortunately, I let myself get two things.

The blueberry filling was so good, though I'm into a higher crust : filling ratio than this. I wanted the pie to be like the pie at The Blue Stove in Williamsburg.

It was crispy on the outside and so fluffy on the inside, buttery through and through.

Pork Belly Pecan Ice Cream at Zaw (Seattle)

At the Capitol Hill location, they've teamed up with some ice cream purveyor (let me know if you know what they're called) to sell a bunch of fun flavors every day. I haven't actually tried the pizza, but I had no choice but to come back when I saw that they were selling Pork Belly Pecan ice cream.

The guy who worked there was very friendly and wanted us to sample everything. He explained that thepork belly is rendered into the ice cream, so don't expect chunks.

It was really good, but I felt like I could taste the pork belly only in the first few bites. The ice cream was creamy and chewy in that way that I adore though.

Harvard Square - Cambridge

Coffee Shops:






Slices: Otto - Careful What You Order

Outdoor Dining:

Davis Square - Somerville

Coffee Shop:
Cafe: Most spacious: Blue Shirt Cafe (with vegan options and juices, shit like that)
Breakfast: Mr. Crepe
Burgers: Fun topping combos: Boston Burger Company
Falafel: Amsterdam Falafel Shop
Pizza: Sacco's - Fun flatbreads, amazing salads, and candlepin bowling!
Beers: Easy: Mike's With good drunk food: Redbones - Also a great whiskey list!
Cocktails: Five Horses Tavern - Expensive
Outdoor Dining: The Burren - Bar food Mike's - Trivia night on Tuesdays at 8
Dessert: JP Licks (a smaller location)

Blue Shirt Cafe

There's a large back room at Blue Shirt in Davis Square that's great for Meetup groups (when the other Meetup groups aren't too loud, that is). The food, however, is mostly boring, bland or badly executed. I've tried a lot of the food, searching for something worth paying for. It remains elusive.

There's wifi if you ask for the password.


Brookline Village
Coffee Shop: Depending on your mood: Kookoo versus Olea
Sichuan: Sichuan Garden
Coolidge Corner
Dessert: JP Licks
Sushi: Good for romance: Fugakyu
Washington Square Coffee Shop: Best in Brookline: Cafe Fixe
Sushi: Best in Brookline: Super Fusion

Back Bay: Where to Eat

Best Lunch Option: Pick whichever food truck is around, except Sweet Tomatoes. Bon Me is pictured for one example.

Disappointment to Avoid: 647 Tremont

Other places in the South End being too busy for our time needs, my girlfriend and I headed down to try 647 Tremont. She said something about some chef with blue hair on a cooking challenge show being connected to the place, so that sounded cool.

The host asked if we had reservations,which we didn't, but only three of the twelve or so tables were taken anyway. Perhaps the place's unbusiness should have been a red flag to us. He sat us down and told us this was his favorite table because he could just drink and drink there all night. Our waiter then approached and asked if we'd like sparkling, still or tap water. We both asked for sparkling. He returned later and told us they were out, so we got club sodas. Then he asked us if we'd care for anything "more adult." I found this to be a particularly silly and awkward way to put the question, especially since my girlfriend and I had just decided to go without alcohol for the two weeks leading up to Christmas. The …

Best Coffee in Capitol Hill: Espresso Vivace

Espresso Rating: 10/10
Espresso Vivace is a much bigger cafe than the others I'd been to in Seattle. When I entered, I was greeted by very friendly baristas, who were very warm about my desire to take pictures of their pastry case (see below). 

Scenes from the pastry case:

They have a ton of vegan stuff (and the same donuts and danishes I've seen all over Seattle) as well as some gluten free stuff (the barista said if you're not gluten intolerant, don't bother). They also have some premade sandwiches that looked good.