Australian Pie Co.: Burien, WA

My brother Joel, who lives north of Seattle, came down to Seattle to have dinner with me while I was in town. Though we were on our way to dinner, he insisted on bringing me an Australian meat pie from the Australian Pie Co.* beforehand, which obviously I had to eat while fresh.

Beef, Potato and Cheese Pie

In the history of pre-sushi appetizers, this is probably the stupidest. It was certainly tasty, what with it being a pound or so of greasy meat and cheese gravy in a fried potatoey dough shell. This is for hangover days and/or the night after drinking seven beers. My brother is a Mormon and therefore doesn't drink and therefore has no excuse to ever eat this.

Australian Pie Company on Urbanspoon

*You really should click on their site. There is a shoddily photoshopped picture of a koala eating a pie with a smiley face drawn on.

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