Capitol Hill Grill: Seattle: Capitol Hill

My friend Andrew and I stopped at The Grill on Broadway for a small lunch where we could sit outside on a beautiful August day. We had a very kind server who didn't even bat an eye when we just ordered one small pizza to split.

When Pig's Fly Flatbread - $10
It was a bit too meaty and tomatoey for my taste. The dough was soft and kind of limp, so if you want crisp, look elsewhere. It was smaller that expected, but that's a good thing for someone like me who has a hard time quitting when I'm full.  

An "L.G.B.T."!  How cute is that? Also, their online menu doesn't seem to be updated very often.
They have fun nightly events and drink specials here. Check it out!

FA Rating: Indeterminate after only one pizza. The menu is in the FF range though.
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