Central Co-op: Seattle: Capitol Hill

Just a few feet down E. Madison from Trader Joe's is another grocery option, this one much more expensive and co-opy. It's like a Whole Foods, except supposedly better for the community and whatnot. I really have no clue about that. I just found the products fascinating. Come with me on a tour.

Herbal Water: It tasted silly, basically like unsweetened lemongrass vanilla mint iced tea. In other words, several flavors but still so fucking bland. I want to tickle and or burn with flavor.

I approached the coffee counter inside the store. The barista, after ten seconds and without looking at me, said, "Let me know if you need help."

After I said that I did and attempted to order an espresso, she curtly informed me that I pay first and then come back, while handing me a card with my order.

This was served in a to-go cup and also a 5/10 (too one-notedly bitter, much like the barista's personality) and also difficult to enjoy inside the store because of the six people sitting at the counter who clearly regards showers as a nuisance.

The cashier hiring seems to be based solely on the criteria of one facial piercing and a three tattoo minimum, or maybe that's just Capitol Hill residence criteria.

 Coffee Shop at Central Co-Op on UrbanspoonEspresso Rating: 5/10

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