Best Coffee in Capitol Hill: Espresso Vivace

Espresso Rating: 10/10

Espresso Vivace is a much bigger cafe than the others I'd been to in Seattle. When I entered, I was greeted by very friendly baristas, who were very warm about my desire to take pictures of their pastry case (see below). 

Espresso: It was so bitter without being gritty. "Damnit, I thought, "I want another shot to really explore these flavors. Fuck, but I have other coffee shops to try out!" This was a 10/10 in a different way than Tougo's was. This was the dirty kind of good.

Ham and cheese biscuit: good chunks of ham, a nice hint of sweetness, dense and fluffy

Coffee cake: moist, crumbly, not too heavy

A view from inside

My view from the seating bar along the window (there are also many tables) - The greatest thing was that the seats at this bar actually had backs to them! Invaluable to me.

Scenes from the pastry case:

They have a ton of vegan stuff (and the same donuts and danishes I've seen all over Seattle) as well as some gluten free stuff (the barista said if you're not gluten intolerant, don't bother). They also have some premade sandwiches that looked good.

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