Ice Cream Thieves

If you're going to take some of your roommate's pint of ice cream, normally all you have to do it scrape a layer off in keeping with the pattern that she uses, which will typically fall into one of three categories:

Howevever, if this roommate has a history of dieting (whether or not she currently claims to be), don't even bother. You might think your little skim job will go unnoticed, but it won't. The dieter (or recovering dieter) will know some is missing. This is because while she was eating it, she was calculating in her head comme ça, "Okay, so 1/2 of a cup has 180 calories. I'll just eat a little bit, maybe even less than half cup so that I only get 150 calories... Oh this is so good, okay maybe a little bit more, but that's definitely less than a third of the pint. About 200 calories. Okay 210. That's totally fine and reasonable. I'll just do sixty jumping jacks before bed."

So show her the respect of just taking a big chunk out without regard to her pattern. Otherwise she'll see her pattern but with 15/24th left instead of the 17/24th that should be waiting for her.

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