New Sushi Rating System and Sam's Sushi

Sushi Grade: Knee Stroke
Price: $-$$

I wanted to get sushi in Seattle, but due to an unfortunate timing situation, the only place I could go was a stupid choice called Sam's Sushi (Seattle: Ballard). This inspired me to create a sushi grading system, which I will use from now on.

Grade J(iro): The sushi level I'm told exists but that I've never experienced.
Grade A: Orgasm Sushi = Top tier sushi - my face looks orgasmic with this sushi
Grade B: Ear Lick Sushi = Really good but not quite orgasmic level
Grade C: Hair Pulling Sushi = Good, with fun ingredients, but frustratingly not satisfyingly great quality
Grade D: Knee Stroke Sushi = Tasty, but once you have standards for sushi pleasure, this just doesn't cut it
Grade E: Bad Kisser Sushi = You're sort of still happy to be eating sushi, but at some point your time/money/calories are just being wasted on this stuff

I seem to have lost my notes, but I can still tell you what you need to know.

This fried shell of crab salad, spicy mayo and tobiko was tasty.

There was a happy hour going that had a sushi and maki combo going and some cheaper rolls, so that the following was like seven bucks.

The happy hour rolls were all $5-$6.

It really doesn't matter which rolls they were. This was Knee Stroke sushi. The point of the grading system is that, while some rolls are better than others at a restaurant, that's only within a small margin and often depends on personal taste. On a different level, if your first piece of sushi at a restaurant is Knee Stroke, it's all going to be Knee Stroke. Unless you're just cheap and live in the area and don't have sushi standards, skip this place.

My brother doesn't eat sushi, so he got some Chicken Yakatori - $5.50. It was fine.

Happy hour! Anderw says,"Cheers!" All beers two for $4.

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