Best Cafe in Capitol Hill: Tougo

Espresso Rating: 10/10

My third Seattle coffee tasting trip was at Tougo, another coffee shop on Union St. As you approach the cafe, you're greeted by a wallpapering of Obama posters. As you approach the counter, you're greeted by the friendliest of baristas. Instead of, "For here or to go?" for instance, he asked, "You gonna stick around or're you headin' out today?" When my total was $4.95, he let me pay with a credit card even though there was supposed to be a $5 minimum.

In this atmosphere, the other patrons seem to follow suit and were also the friendliest group of people I encountered during my Seattle trip.

Espresso - $2.30 after tax. This was different than any espresso I'd ever had. It's head was a rich, creamy, dark brown. There was a taste I couldn't quite place my tongue on, but isn't that the best sign? I'm just going to go ahead and award it: Espresso Rating: 10/10.

There's also an abundance of comfortable seating both inside and out, with perfect lounging and reading seats set up outside. The wifi is free, the password right there on the counter. There was good music playing. The place is clean and stylish, one of the few places in Seattle that didn't have flies buzzing around inside.

Ham and gruyere croissant - a sweeter, denser croissant. Good but not remarkable.

I decided to come back another day to try the coffee, curious as to whether it would be better than any coffee I'd ever had.

Coffee - only listed at 8 oz. It was really good, but I still prefer espresso.

I noticed that Tougo and Espresso Vivace have the same pastries for the most part: danishes, muffins, that same cheddar biscuit I had at Vivace.

Mighty O - chocolate raspberry donut - I was surprisingly heavy, dense, and moist, with great raspberry frosting. It was almost too good to be vegan, though not quite. It's way better than a lot of non-vegan donuts in this world, that's for sure. But once you've had really good donuts, it's hard for anything to compare.

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