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Best Restaurant Concept: Parish Cafe

Right by the Public Gardens is an absolutely place called Parish Cafe (Back Bay and South End). It's a casual restaurant where they serve sandwiches composed by famous Boston chefs, as well as some appetizers, salads and drinks. Check out this mouth-watering menu.

It was very difficult to decide what to have. Fortunately I had a dinner companion so that I at least got to try two sandwiches. Unfortunately they keep it dim at night, so these pictures suck.

Created by: Brian Poe, Executive Chef - Rattlesnake Bar and Grill, Boston

It was awesome. Making Mexican rather than Italian meatballs PLUS Mexican au jus instead of French-style is brilliance. This sandwich is interesting and innovative while at the same time absolutely delicious. The lowest- and highest browed-palettes can all agree that this sandwich rules.

Created by: Geoff Gardner, Chef/Owner - Sel De La Terre, Boston

A thick stack of duck, creamy and salty caper mayo, and beloved caraway rye - clearly a recipe for yum. What …

Best Seafood in Boston: Go Fish Food Truck

FA Rating: FFF Price: $

I can't wait to try every single thing these guys make.

Then I saw they had a condiment table:

I had two bites, then I adorned my slider with the interesting sauce options:

The chipotle aioli, the red pepper aioli and whatever that red sauce was were all delights on the already delicious slider. It was so fucking soft and dense and juicy and flavorful and different/interesting (not to mention fresh) without sauce, but how could I resist trying all of them? As you know, orange is the perfect sauce color.

This slider actually reminded me of the burger I had at Social Eatz, a burger I wanted to marry and have babies with. Now I suppose I'll have to be a polygamist. Social Eatz and Go Fish also both have awesome orange sauces and totally awesome menus. Yup, this place will join the ranks of my favorite restaurants list.

Lobster fucking pumpkin bisque?! You mean, the two best bisques put together?!!!  Hell to the yes, please. Creamy, rich and delicious, and …

Ula Cafe

Americano Rating: 9/10 Espresso Rating: 8/10
There will be a special place in the acknowledgments section of the book I'm writing for Ula (Boston: Jamaica Plain). While I adore the food at Canto No. 6, they don't have much seating, whereas Ula has it in abundance. Despite how busy Ula often gets, I've never been unable to find a table at which to sit and write. It's a great place to meet someone for a coffee and a bite, parents with children are easily accommodated, students study, and business meetings (from graphic design job interviews to transgender Jewish lesbian activist organizing) commonly occur here. There's also a nice one person restroom as well as an additional larger restroom in the adjacent building. They have air conditioning, and the people who work there are generally friendly, some of them quite attractive (mostly lesbians).
Most of the time I wonder if they're somehow picking up the music off my computer: The Decemberists, Justin Timberlake,…