Best Oysters in Seattle: The Walrus and the Carpenter

Wanting to try Pacific Northwest oysters now that I'm a full blown oyster fan, I searched the internet for a highly regarded restaurant with a good menu and set off for The Walrus and the Carpenter (Seattle: Ballard).

Without a reservation, there was a bit of a wait to get in and then a slightly awkwardly long wait to be served. I was a party of one and perhaps not a high priority.

When I did receive service, though, it was from a very friendly and patient waitress. I explained that all my oyster-eating had been on the east coast, and she explained that on the west coast the oysters are a bit less salty, and that I'd "probably love them."

10 Oysters, 2 of each kind they had

Sammich Sweet - $3 each

Oh my fucking god, this was so different! These really live up to their name! They're so much cleaner tasting than the Gulf and Atlantic oysters I've had! The gals who sat next to me live in Kentucky, and every New Year's Eve they have oysters from Washington flown in because they find them so superior.

Blue Pool - $3 Each

These tasted like every happy memory of my favorite relatives who live in Florida on a lake. But then the finish was an altogether different and delicious flavor that I'd never even encountered before. So fucking clean. I could've cried, and I did start to hallucinate that some of the ice in front of me looked like a seal.

Barron Point - $2 each

I can't stop doing that tongue across the mouth roof thing to taste these over and over.

Pickering Passage - $2 each

The were the smallest. They were great but not as unique as the others.

Treasure Cove - $2.50 each

These were a little... smokey? I need a better oyster vocabulary. Time to read a book! Whatever it was was so damn good.

Even the toppings here are so much better. Fresh grated horseradish and a sweet, horseradishy vinegar juice instead of blah cocktail sauce.

Maritime Pacific Old Seattle Lager - $5

The Kentuckians gave me one of their tomatoes from their 
Tomatoes with Vanilla and Salt dish. Who'd've thunk that'd be awesome? Well it was!

This maple bread pudding may be one of the best desserts I've ever had. No one would not like this. It was like French toast more than any other bread pudding I've had, taste, shape, and texture wise. The espresso butter was exquisite.

This restaurant is amazing. The ever-changing menu is ever-constantly amazing. Everything was delicious. Go go go go.

It's next door to a combination Coffee Bar/Wine/Bicycle shop, which is a combination intriguing/ridiculous/way too hip for me.

FA Rating: FFF, favorite, favorite oysters
Price: $$$
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Also, Ohhh Ballard is the cool, yuppie neighborhood. I saw ski ball in one of the many neat-looking bars! Good lookin' second hand stores too. So many cool stores and restaurants/bars. An outdoor rock climbing wall!

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