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Stowe's Best Burger: The Prohibition Pig

The ProhibitionPig will forever have a place in my heart because...

They have a bunch of draft beers, and you can get halves or fulls:

Starbucks in Mexico City

I went to a Starbucks while in Mexico City (This one was at Orizaba y Chihuaha, but there are a few other locations.), just to see the differences.

Best Blackened Grouper Sandwich in St. Petersburg: Sea Critters

I lost my mahi mahi with mango salsa fish wrap picture. It was pretty good, though it's still the blackened grouper you need.

Sí - Mezcal and The Good Life in Mexico City

Restaurante Si - in Roma Norte (Veracruz y Durango):

Patisserie Dominique - A French Bakery in Mexico City

Patisserie Dominique (in Roma Norte at Chiapas between Medellin and Monterrey):

Tacos los Parados - Mexico City

Tacos los Parados in Roma Norte (Baja California y Monterey):

Tres Galeanos - Mexico City

Tres Galeanos - in Roma Norte (Obregon y Jalapa):


Maximo- in Roma Norte (Zacatecas y Tonala):
Eating here was the best thing I did with my ten days in D.F. If you go for lunch, you can get a gourmet-as-fuck three course meal, plus an amazing drink, for 150 pesos, prix fixe ($11.20 USD). They had a good English speaker for me. The menu is different every day, depending on the market place. You usually need a reservation, even for lunch, but I got I. Without one because it was just me, and it wasn't busy yet. They have a Pre-fixe menu for $150 each day.

I went back the next day for another round: